Deloitte tips for your project management interview

Deloitte tips for your project management interview

As soon as you decide to join United States Deloitte Connsulting Group, you’ll have to pass a real case interview successfully, which means show your ability to solve the problems, analyze different situations and show you are able to think logically and strategically.

Deloitte Consulting LLP confirms that case interview questions help them understand whether you possess creativity, common sense and how you behave in different situations. They want the candidates to understand their approach to the real client projects.

Here are few important tips from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu to help you pass your project manager interview successfully:

  • Your answers should show your practical judgment along with clear thinking and professional manner.
  • Make sure to understand the issue. If you are not sure you did it, do not be afraid to ask questions.
  • Define the main assumptions.
  • Make a summary of specific findings and issues.
  • Develop your recommendations.
  • Plan on your next steps and the results you expect.

One more statement made by Deloitte is that they would love to enjoy a case discussion with their candidates, that’s why they encourage you not to search for the “right” answer, but to convey your thoughts and logic. Deloitte Touche encourages you to learn sample case interviews, which can provide you with the real case dialogue knowledge.

In order to show your best in your case interview, try to make the following steps:

  • Make notes during your case interview
  • By all means understand the interview question
  • Ask questions, Deloitte wants to know how you connect the dots
  • Articulate your initial hypothesis and a framework
  • Don’t just start talking, use some time for composing your thoughts
  • Your analysis should have a logical and clear structure
  • Explain your own assumptions to the interviewer
  • Say “no” to panic! Develop a business conversation with your interviewer
  • Keep in mind that your case interview is your chance to find out more about Deloitte consulting

More on case study questions

Case study questions are usually divided into several categories:

  • Graphic interpretation case study questions
  • Estimation interview questions
  • Theoretical or actual clients questions
  • Brain teasing questions

Estimation questions demand you to work on the problem solution with the limited knowledge, for example, the interviewer will ask you such questions as:

How many children are born each year in the United States? What is a number of night buses in London? Or the number of cellphones sold in 2019?

Theoretical or actual client questions demand your analysis of possible or actual client issues, for example, you’ll have to answer the case study questions like:

  • What would be your advice to a well-known businessman who wants to develop his business online?
  • Why is the company still operating at a loss, even if they found out their profit is higher than ever?

The graphic interpretation questions demand you to interpret data, whether they are company data, or some others.

Giving case study answers means not only recounting the problems and issues set, but also determining the most important questions, applying your logic and sound analysis and making recommendations.

Tips on how to write a case study

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