Appropriate research design and methods

Appropriate research design and methods

Case study research definition may be different. Research is an integral part of human development, we gain new knowledge, expand our experience, receive new questions. A qualitative case study is the development foundation.

Case study method helps get information for thought, methods are different: observation, analysis, comparison. No matter which method to choose, it is important that it meets the set goals, leads to the right result.

The information obtained should be checked with the help of theories. It is necessary to refer to various researchers and their scientific papers, analyze them, it is important to do own experiments.

How to write a case study research

First of all, you should generalize the material you have covered, write conclusions. Scientific paper envisages conducting new research in practice, and in the final version, paper is devoted to scientific research.


To write a scientific paper, it usually takes more time, since it is necessary to examine documentary sources. It is valuable because the author points out new facts.

The presented article should contain a clear organization, structure, it should include an introduction, the main text, conclusions, sources, annex.

The introduction describes the relevance of the issue. It is the goal and the primary task, and it needs to be specified what time frame the topic covers.

Upon completion of work, it is worthwhile to draw the appropriate conclusions, which will concern exactly the goals and tasks that were indicated in the introduction section.

Sources that were used at the time of research writing should be listed alphabetically.

And after that, you can proceed with the design and methods of your case study research. It should have different graphics, drawings, and tables that correspond to the theme of the work, it’s worth making links to the application.

Worth paying attention to the drawing up of a plan, can use an approximate option, this is:

  • choosing a future work topic;
  • search for necessary sources;
  • tasks definition, work objectives;
  • writing a work plan;
  • literature analysis;
  • writing a draft;
  • structuring work;
  • finishing option.

Diploma research methods: what to write? Methods of the case study can be different, they are determined by the sphere of activity of which you write work, by the tasks formulated in its introduction. Each of them requires a unique approach.

To study theoretical issues, it is necessary to apply theoretical methods. Among them, modeling, system, generalized, critical case study methods.

If we are talking about practice, it is appropriate to use observation, the study of documentation, surveys, experiment. These are the so-called empirical methods, the results can be used to apply to your project.

The methodological foundation of the scrutiny was the scientific works of domestic, foreign scientists in the field of constitutional, criminal, criminal procedure and international law. As methods of research, general and particular methods were used, including system-legal, historical-legal and other, system analysis of the phenomena and results studied. In the process of work, a set of methods of economic and statistical analysis, methods of synthesis and analysis of financial information were applied. In scrutiny, modern concepts of various financial management schools were applied. As a basis for optimizing the current activity of the enterprise, the limit analysis methodology was used.

If write a diploma isn’t an actual goal for you, while it’s about the course, this aspect of the study is made easier. When writing a course project, such ways of research study as the data reading, regulatory framework, analytical, comparative methods were applied.

Tips on how to write a case study

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