Autism: a Case study

Autism: a Case study


Henry Watsons is a little boy who has autism; sometimes he doesn’t react when children talk to him. He can have bad mood in the middle of a day He is not one child with such problem in his family. His sister Jane has autism features.

In October he started studying at a particular school group. A teacher doesn’t understand him; he doesn’t want to talk with her has difficulties with students. Parents of these children decide to meet an IEP team.


At this meeting, parents told that their son had a teacher who wanted to reduce Henrie’s concern miff with the help of social stories. The stories were not successful. A child reiterates words from the story but doesn’t realize its meaning. His mom starts thinking that children the autism needs to use Ivar Lovaas’s behavioral therapy. This way allows full contact with an internist. The strategy ensures little cooperation with kids.

Parents thought that he needs to evolve social experience by speaking with middle school students. They will help Henry to be more communal.

Imitation strategies were not effective. He successively repeated language and nothing else; didn’t want to look at the trainer and couldn’t concentrate on writing experiences.

The team decided to help Henry other students with photos.


The fundamental purpose was to start proceeding communion by himself so that he could set better respects with school students. The plan was to train students with a teacher after everyday school classes.

Seven days later there was the 2nd training named Augmenting Immediacy. One trainer gave Henry particular training book, at every lesson, he placed at book one photo with velcro.

Diagnosis autism isn’t a huge problem if to train with specialists who know patient history.

A result

Parents were satisfied with son’s advance Henry can communicate with people. And its all because of a book; his sister has progressed too. They don’t feel miff anymore, they have done sledding with PECS.

A team IEP wants to meet children with autism spectrum to look at a result to set new purposes for them.

This case study shows to everyone that autism spectrum disorder can retreat. Contact with professional specialists do for your children everything you can.

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